AD Domain Rename Step-By-Step

AD Domain Rename Step-By-Step

My first blog post will be about domain rename in Microsoft Active Directory Domain. We have test domain Bigapple.local which we will rename to Bigapple.main

1. First we need to install at least AD DS and AD LDS tools RSAT from Add Roles and Features

2. Create new Primary AD integrated DNS zone corresponding to the new Domain name from DNS Manager. Do not forget to restart Netlogon service from services console so that SRV records for newly created zone are populated.

3. Check DNS readiness by running:

Dcdiag /test:DNS /DnsRecordRegistration /s:domaincontroller

4. Login to member server and open CMD with admin rights. First we need to run rendom domain rename tool to generate forest description (DomainList.xml)

rendom /list

5. Edit the DomainList.xml file by modifying DNSname attribute, NetBiosName attribute or both of them to reflect new domain name

6. Generate domain rename isnturction and upload them to domain-naming master using:

rendom /upload

This will create Dclist.xml file with information about existing DCs in your domain.

7. Push instructions set to each DC in Forest by the following command:

repadmin /syncall /d /e /P /q PDC01

You can find DomainNamingMaster in your domain by following command:

Dsquery server -hasfsmo name

8. Next we need to check DCs readiness by typing

rendom /prepare

Command updates Dclist.xml file. Check this file for information about readiness of DCs in your forest. If any of DCs still show status Prepared please repeat domain rename process until all DCs show status of DONE or Error.

9. To begin rename process run:

rendom /execute

10. To unfreeze forest configuration and to end Domain Rename process run:

rendom /end

11. We must fix GPOs to reflect Domain Name changes by following:

gpfixup /olddns:bigapple.local /newdns:bigapple.main /dc:PDC01.bigapple.local 2>&1 >gpfixup.log

You can additionally run following if NetBios name is also changed.

gpfixup /oldnb:OldDomainNetBIOSName /newnb:NewDomainNetBIOSName

12. Replicate this changes to other DCs by typing:

repadmin /syncall /d /e /P /q pdc01.bigapple.local dc=bigapple,dc=main

13. Run folowing command and restart member servers twice:

rendom /clean

14. Finally we should rename DC’s to as their name is not renamed in Domain Rename procedure. DC can be renamed from system properties or through command line by following commands:

a. Add new name:

netdom computername /add:

netdom computername pdc01.bigapple.local /add:pdc01.bigapple.main

b. Make new name primary:

netdom computername /makeprimary:
netdom computername pdc01.bigapple.local /makeprimary:pdc01.bigapple.main

c. Delete old name:

netdom computername /remove:
netdom computername pdc01.bigapple.main /remove:pdc01.bigapple.local

That’s it)

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